Tiny Hearts

Short Film • 2022 • Drama, Horror

AFI Cycle 3

dir. Grace Hanna

▸ Producer, Story By

A teenage girl finds herself inside her younger sister’s dollhouse where she encounters her favorite childhood doll, but her fantasy soon turns into a nightmare.

Jade, a 15-year-old adopted Asian girl, feels on the outskirts of her own family. After her little sister receives a grand dollhouse as a birthday present, Jade enters the fantasy world of this dollhouse, where she encounters a human version of her favorite childhood doll, Calypso. When it’s revealed that Calypso has sinister intentions and this world isn’t as innocent as it seems, Jade must fight to find her way back home.

Strange Fish

Short Film • 2022 • Drama

AFI Cycle 2

dir. Sarah Hanks

▸ Producer

A Thai mother and daughter work at a restaurant visited by a strange man, The mother fears he is an immigration officer, while her daughter hopes he is her absent father.

Noi, a Thai woman, runs a late-night restaurant with the help of her 10-year-old Thai American daughter, Sian. Night after night, a white man comes and stares out the window. Noi is quick to think this man is an immigration officer come to deport her. Meanwhile, Sian is unaware of her mother’s fears and is determined to find out who the man is for herself.


Short Film • 2021 • Drama

AFI Cycle 1

dir. Julia Freij

▸ Producer

When a teenage girl is sent to a treatment center, she must find a way to survive and hold onto her individuality during her first day in this new, scary world.

Amy is taken in her sleep to a troubled teen treatment center. In the first day of her new life, she is thrown into a world that she never expected to be in, but must survive. The people can be cruel, constantly telling her that she is responsible for her circumstances, and she must come to terms with how much of a kid she still is in a place that treats her like a child and an adult at the same time.


Short Film • 2021

AFI Visual Essay

cin. Jasmine Karcey

▸ Producer

A woman encounters a snake in her living room.

MOS visual essay shot on 35mm.


Short Film • 2021

AFI Visual Essay

cin. Jenise Whitehead

▸ Producer

An acclaimed musician finds her passion again.

MOS visual essay shot on 35mm.

Where You’ll Be

Short Film • 2020 • Drama

dir. Sokhean Jonathan Ouk

▸ Producer, Co-writer


2020 Boston 48 Hour Film Project
  • 4 Nominations: Best Directing, Best Editing, Best Sound, Best Ensemble
  • Audience Award runner up

In the midst of the pandemic, a young woman returns from college to find being home evokes memories of her father and an uneasy relationship with her mother.


Short Film • 2019 • Drama

dir. Laura Brock

▸ Producer

A coming of age story about a teenager experiencing themes of first love and loss of innocence.

MassArt undergraduate thesis film shot on 16mm.